2017 Lesotho Cannabis Changed

Licensed growers

Lesotho became the first African country to issue cannabis cultivation licences for legal medical cannabis.

100 percent consistency every time.

A cannabis license in Lesotho costs $35,000 US dollars and these licenses are managed by the government. However, in the past they were granted without charge and this has created small scale growers across the country to sell on the black market.

However, it is important that license holding farmers maintain the quality of the Lesotho cannabis for international sale. We need consistency of the strain, this is a necessity for medical marijuana. It needs to be free from pesticides and we need to create an environment that we are 100 percent sure we have most consistent quality cannabis globally for medical purposes. And that is why there is a need for licensed only growers having the ability to ship cannabis globally out of Lesotho.

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How the Lesotho medical cannabis industry is changing.

2017 was when the cannabis industry in Lesotho changed. Lesotho became the first African country to issue cannabis cultivation licences and only a year later international investors like Medigrow, a Canadian backed business, followed. Some of these companies investing in Lesotho’s cannabis industry are listed on the New York stock exchange. Multi-million-dollar companies are partnering all over Lesotho with local companies to grow, harvest and ship Lesotho cannabis globally.

Canadian company Supreme Cannabis co made a $7.5 million investment into Lesotho cannabis farming as did Canopy Growth another Canadian giant investing $21 million to acquire local Lesotho company Daddy Cann.

This is why at Lesotho Canna we are excited to share our Lesotho cannabis with the world.

The global cannabis industry is a $12 billion industry and the majority of cannabis cultivation happens in the USA. However, Lesotho cannabis is superior to crop grown in the USA.

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