Best Lesotho Cannabis Locations

lesotho cannabis map

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Cannabis is grown almost everywhere in Lesotho, even on small plots in the capital, Maseru.

However, the main growing regions are found in the high mountain zones in the center and east of the country, as well as in the western foothill region.

Plantations are generally situated in the valleys of the numerous streams and rivers that drain the mountains including the Senqu River.

Cannabis production is most prevalent in the following districts


Production occurs in the foothills and mountains located in the east of this district.


the eastern sector of this mountainous district, a zone stretching east and south from the Moremoholo River Valley, and including the district capital, Mokhotlong, is part of a region known for its high-quality marijuana (first grade). This region also covers parts of Thaba-Tseka and Qacha’s Neck districts


Whereas the mountainous western sector produces “second” and “third- grade” cannabis, the equally mountainous south and east belong to the “first grade” production zone mentioned above.

Qacha’s Neck

This mountainous district is the heart of-the first-Grade cannabis region. The mountains to the west, however, produce second and third grade quality. It must be noted that the names “first grade”, “second grade” and “third grade” are those that have been used by the Basotho people for generations in order to describe the level of potency that they perceive in the various streams of cannabis grown in Lesotho.

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