The So Called Poorest Country In Africa


What drives us is creating farming jobs for the men and women of Lesotho, enabling parents to pay for schools, doctors’ visits and to eat good food. We want to change one person’s life at a time and change the fortunes for our beautiful kingdom. We are here to not change today but to change the fortunes of the generations to come in Lesotho, and cannabis will unlock that potential. No longer will we be the poorest African country.

Lesotho’s geography, mountains, abundant water and climate are the perfect conditions to grow and cultivate the best medical marijuana, medical cannabis and CBD products globally. Cannabis is not new to the people of Lesotho, formerly called Basotho the traditional lands.  Weed greenhouses, as they are affectionally named, have been around for years before the current international excitement and investment into the Lesotho cannabis industry.

Licensed Growers

Lesotho became the first African country to issue cannabis cultivation licences for legal medical cannabis. Ever since we have been creating consistent, high quality cannabis for medical purposes. Growing the best Cannabis in the world!


Out of poverty became a drive to become leaders in farming, growing and harvesting of marijuana. We believe our perfect environment and passion for this beautiful plant will make Lesotho Cannabis one of the greatest commodities on earth.

The Kingdom Of Cannabis

Landlocked by South Africa and 2000 plus meters in the highlands of Lesotho you’ll find a beautiful green plant “cannabis is going to set this country free” Dr Emmanuel Letete, economist in Lesotho’s Ministry Of Development Planning.

Lesotho Canna Map
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