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Lesotho may be one of the poorest countries in Africa but it has quickly become the African Kingdom Growing The Best Cannabis On Earth. We have the perfect environment that you will not find anywhere else on earth to grow the best legal medical cannabis.

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We Grow The Best Medical Marijuana On Earth

2000 meter in the remote highlands of Lesotho, landlocked by South Africa, near the village Marakabei you’ll hear only the sound of donkey bells and the fresh woody smell of cooking fires. We call this Lesotho country – the Kingdom of Lesotho.

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to cultivate the best medical Lesotho cannabis.

One would think that cannabis cultivation in Lesotho would be illegal, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Lesotho women and men workers are working in real commercial cannabis farms. Fully equipped with biometric scanners and excellent working conditions even though Lesotho is considered one of the poorest African countries. Lesotho medical cannabis cultivation is thriving.

Our Lesotho cannabis farms have poly tunnels the size of tennis courts, creating the perfect environment for medical cannabis to grow in. Controlled heat, light and moisture ensures supreme cannabis growth. All protected by fences, guarded posts and scanners to ensure full safety and security to maintain our cannabis production license.

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Supreme Cannabis

We are the first African country with legal marijuana. Lesotho cannabis is being heavily invested internationally by companies like MG Health, Medigrow, Canopy Growth and more.

Our farms

Our farms represent what we believe to be a revolution for the people of Lesotho. Come and spend time in Lesotho and you’ll see how this amazing crop is changing, what was once considered one of the poorest countries in Africa, into the epicentre of the best cannabis cultivation from seed to sell.

About LesothoCanna

Why is our tiny kingdom landlocked by South Africa the hottest property in the cannabis industry?

Lesotho people are the heart beat of medical marijuana.

What drives us is creating farming jobs for the men and women of Lesotho, enabling parents to pay for schools, doctors’ visits and to eat good food. We want to change one person’s life at a time and change the fortunes for our beautiful kingdom. We are here to not change today but to change the fortunes of the generations to come in Lesotho and Cannabis will unlock that potential. No longer will we be the poorest African country

Cannabis Cultivation

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